Graphics Creation and Open Source At Home

At my work I use MAC, and at my other job I use Window$7, and at home I am pure Linux, so sometimes getting things mixed up can really test my patients as I try and troubleshoot problems. My MAC work, I do a lot of graphics work, while programming and setting up networks, so the majority of my time is spend on that platform. When I am at home, and I want to get creative, I find myself perplexed sometimes, especially becuase I use keyboard shortcuts all the time because I forget which platform I am using and I make errors. Worse yet, today I found myself completely stuck becuase the program that I am using would not respond to my rendering inputs. I had to go back and relearn the program again because I had the MAC shortcuts imprinted into my brain.

So this morning I took the time to reacquaint myself with Blender, an Open-source 3D Rendering that is full of imaging and animation goodies. My favourite plain-Jane 3D rendering software is no longer managed, so I had to give that up and work with Blender. There is nothing wrong with Blender, in fact Blender Kicks-Butt, but it is just that it is far to complex for my everyday needs. Since Blender is one of the few mainstream software out there in the free world (for my needs), it was a natural migration towards this program. So after nearly Three years of not using Blender, here is my first 3D image using it today.

I have tried other programs, but Blender is by far better, hands down, right now for what I like to do. All of the other Open-source programs that I have tried today either had GUI that were too weird, or they were just unstable and crashed a lot. Oh, and one more very important tool that Blender has that I could not find on any other 3D rendering software in the Open-source repositories, Blender does Text. I love Text rendering, as you can tell.


Another example of Blender I did this morning. This image was almost deleted, but then I discovered where the lighting tools where located.

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