Enjoying Summer

The last day of July is finally here. Tomorrow will be August. So, does this mean that the season is nearly half gone, or is there more still to come?

With my work taking up more of my time than ever before, time to enjoy the summer is a constant battle to balance out. Sure, I need the hours, and having my sweat equity converted into good old cash sure helps with the day to day means; however, when does one have to sit down and think about drawing up boundaries, and or make set rules for having time off?

The last couple of weeks I have been coming home, from my days at work, and just sitting inside working on paperwork and other personal projects that need attention. Only in the last couple of days have I made the effort to actually sit down and do some fun recreational stuff, like playing with new graphics software, or reading some books that I have had sitting around for the last year—just waiting to be read. I finally made the decision to start being more proactive in my time managements and am now focused on my home life. I mean, my job is semi-secured, so I really do not have to spend all my time worrying about that—knock on wood. And I will keep on taking care of my daily chores—I cannot stop that.

So, today and yesterday, I focused on mastering this software called Blender. Today I accomplished something that has eluded me for the last few years since I started looking into this software: I can now create hair in the 3D world! Yes, I can render 3D objects and give them hair. So, as the week goes on, I will be practicing making 3D objects with hairy surfaces, and I will post them as I go along.

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