The Big Hairy Cube – Going Down the Path of Blender

I finally did it, after almost Five hours of rendering, and trying figure out how the complex inner workings of using the hair functions in Blender worked, I created Two animated simulations of a cube, covered with hair, doing some motions in the 3D world, and edited them onto a video clip. It was frustrating at first, and exhausting, as I had to crawl slowing though the manuals and help videos on the web-step-by-step, but once I got through the creation part, things took off. And the video editing was cumbersome too–so much had changed since I last used those programs.

In Blender you can get a sense of what your project is going to look like with some very realistic real time play back before you commit to the real rendering process. My jaw dropped as I first started to see the hair move on the cube. Once I got the hang of it, creating the hair on the mesh objects (the cube in this case) it was all fairly straight forward. I am so excited, I want to spend more time on this!

What slowed me down the most was when I rendered a complete Ten second video of my first animation, then when I went to add more to it, Blender over wrote my first file, so it was back to square One. So what you are seeing is not my very first renderings, but the my second attempts. Then the editing the video to post on Youtube, which took a ton of time. I had to relearn some of the steps with my video editor too becuase I completely forgot, and with the latest updates on these programs, the interfaces had changed too. This little project took nearly Six hours. Exhausting! But I did it!

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