As the Sun Sets – August Photos

It is the start of August and already I noticed that the Sun now setting later, now at 8:45pm, sort of marking theĀ  halfway point through summer. I was sort of pushed, or challenged (by some Twitter friends) to get out and shoot some photos of the setting Sun and the rising Moon tonight. I got some good shots of the Sun, and some so-so shots of the moon, but it was hard to find that right spot. I was hoping to find some better locations, but had to do with the end of my street becuase I was walking from my house.

The Sun and Full Moon.

And while I was out on the Fort to Fort trail, I took some shots of the bridge and Brae Island.

I love summer time. The golden hour for shooting–the light is awesome in these shots!

This long weekend I am going to drive out in the country to do some good serious shooting. I have to at least get out and do some good backwoods shooting this year–getting some nature shots with lots of mountains.

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