My First Blender Render Sculpture

I know, it’s not pretty looking (in fact it is really creepy looking), but it was my very first attempt at sculpturing with Blender. I watched several video tutorials, and read several manuals on the topic, and I think I got it down pat now, but I could not have done this without the aid of my keyboard shortcut list. This program is so complex that I had to write down the order, with keyboard shortcuts, so that I could get through the procedure/process without being frustrated. Skipping one part will lead to disaster. I then practiced going through the program several times so that I could get used to the mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts and GUI.

Yes, I am no Michelangelo, but this is a huge leap forward for me! My goal is to get more advanced with rendering and 3D animation. I like to do stills, scenes and perhaps a short video some day.

Here was my attempt at creating a cartoon video way back in 2007. I actually did this for niece who was just a kid back then. Jane is her sudo name.

Yes, that is me doing the sound effects, story, music, drawing and voice over. I had fun with it!

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