Talking to Old Freinds from the Past

Tonight, just a few hours ago, I phoned up an old friend from my high school, while searching for another friend, also from high school. I grew up in a northern town so you would think that tracking down people would be easy–wrong. I had been searching for my old fried, Rick, for nearly six months now, and I was getting nowhere. I had heard from a coworker, who was up in the North West last year, mention that he met my long lost friend and that he was very sick from his diabetes. So I wanted to reach out and say hi, and see if everything is OK for him.

Earlier today I had a thought that I could check to see if some of our mutual friends were still living up there, so off searching the net I went. Both me and rick had graduated high school, so we knew just about everyone up there at the time, so I figured that the odds of finding at least one friend from my high schools days would be pretty good. I hit pay dirt. I found a perfect match, an friend Phil, who still to this day lives in the same neighbourhood that he did when I last livered up there.

So after Twenty years of no contact I phoned him. Wow. I recognized his voice. It took him about half a minute to sink in who I was. It was an amazing moment.

I found out that most people up in these small towns are very much private people. Most of my friends today from high school are not connected to the Internet, and few actually work with it. This accounts for why searching for friends is so difficult. Then there is a large percentage of people from the same group who do not want to be found, or believe having any of their identities on the net will lead to very bad things.

Anyway, it was an amazing evening talking to my old friend Phil. We promised to keep in touch, and perhaps some day our families will get together and visit each other. However, I am still searching for Rick, even thought I now have some back ground on his situation. I can see a vist up there soon.

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