What a Stormy Afternoon in the Fraser Valley

A day of contrast, one moment it is nice and sunny, then dark and stormy, filled with lighting and pelting rain. I was going to jump outside and start shooting as much as I could. I wanted to capture the lighting, but the rain came, and it came down hard when I got home. So, the best I could was set the camera up in the living room and shoot some video of the lightning dancing from one cloud to another through the window.

The storm lasted a few hours, and night time came. The weather office says that we may get more tonight. Hey, we do not get that much lighting around here, so this is a big change in the weather.


4 Thoughts on “What a Stormy Afternoon in the Fraser Valley

  1. AWSOME catch! Yeah, my Twitter was going CRAZY with people talking about the storm. *cringes* Glad I’m not there!

  2. Tom,

    Are you working in the same place?


  3. we got the same storm in Victoria!!

  4. *Heather – The storm was unbelievable here. It kept going well after I went to bed. This morning the road going into town was blocked by a tree that got hit by lighting!

    *Dan – Yes, I’m still at the same place. Let me know when you are planning a fishing trip so I can make plans. Time is tight for me right now, I am working two jobs.

    *JM, great to hear from you. Even funney-er, that same storm system is hitting Mom’s place right now! It has gotten worse the further East it goes. Messed up weather, Eh?

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