A Foot Bridge in Fort Langley, BC

I actually know the property owner whose property is right beside the end of the foot bridge that straddles the double sets of railway tracks joining Fort Langley to Bedford Landing. So I had good knowledge that this bridge was going to be built there. Although my friend (the property owner) just found out about this not to long ago, the plans and perorations for this bridge “were years in the making” according to him.

The builders, or construction company, as seen on the gate to the railway yard, is ParkLane, the same company that built the Bedford Landing Project North of Fort Langley. Either way, if people want to enter Fort Langley from Bedford Landing, they would have to cross the tracks. The bridge idea I think is a great idea, although I am puzzled as to who would benefit from it being so far West, closer to 96 Avenue, than being closer to the main road, where the down town core is, and schools?

When it is accessible I would like to check it out. Perhaps wait for a train to go by and shoot some video of it–that would be exciting.

I took this shot using a 300mm Sony lens, A55 Sony camera, then cropped it down to 1:1 in GIMP. Taken from the Fort Langley Train Museum look West.

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