What I wanted to Write About, But Only Gave it Ten Percent Effort.

It has been a very frustrating, yet exciting day. I have so many things to write about, but I am tired and sore to do so. My work, my friends, my neighbours, everyone around me today seem to be going through some sort of controlled madness. I do not know if it is the heat or the economy, or it is just in my heard…, but the strangeness has escalated to weirdness. I felt that I have been doing a grate job of keeping my emotions in check back then, but when I got home all I could do was sit back think about the day’s events. I really wanted to write about some of these events, but time, pressure and lack of energy are keeping me from taking the effort to do so. So I am just going to blurb a few points down, then go to bed.

  • I seen, and helped an injured homeless guy in Langley City today.
  • I caught people spying on me today, but I cannot tell when, where, who and why–but I will get to the bottom of it.
  • I got ripped off at the local big-box retail outlet, and I did not even realize this until I got home–a sucker born every day.
  • My next door neighbour parked their truck in my driveway.
  • My dream job is one more step closer to becoming a real job!
  • When Lawyers cannot find, or cannot see that you have money, they ignore you like you have some sort of disease–it is a beautiful thing when this happens.
  • Friends are the most valuable assets anyone can have–I am very happy to have such good friends.
  • I believe that someone who lives close to me may have lost a family member from cancer just recently?

There, perhaps I will sit down longer and write about some of these moments that happened to me today. Right now, I am just going to sit, sip some green tea, then rest until tomorrow when a whole new day starts.


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