A Few Shots – It Has Been A While

I house sat, today only, as a friend is off expectantly and his pets needed feeding. He gave me permission to use his hot tub, and I took him up on his offer. I just came back from a Twenty minute soak–it was great. I had forgotten how soothing it is sitting in a tub with jets of bubbly watter shooting all around you is. Once I was done I headed back home. I brought my camera too.

Along the side street going to my place, I shot the sunset. The light was great, and although I did not have new scenes to shoot in, just the regular trees and railway tracks, I managed to get a great shot of the Sun through the leaves of a walnut tree.

Wonderful shot! I used my 200mm lens on my Sony A33–which I have not shot with in a while.

With the same lens, I took this shot of some yellow flowers by the train museum (Glover and Mavis) in Fort Langley.

With the exception of the pesky mosquitoes, the walk home was wonderful!

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