Thirty-Two Precent to Boiling

Well, we are now getting the summer that we so deserve; Three days in a row of sun baking weather, putting us into the 30C range. It is hard to work in this heat unless you are in a air conditioned room, and breathing is difficult for me outside with all the dust and air pollution hanging in the atmosphere. When will this end?

According to the Weather Office, the Environment Canada’s official weather website, this Sunday we will see some rain, or thunder showers in the forecast, but the heat will be with us until Saturday. So, one more day of this crazy heat. Sadly, September is not to far off, which is when the return to cool rainy weather starts around here.

With the heat, comes spending time at the beach. Hot weather like this, it is so nice to have a sandy beach to go to that is less than a five minute walk away. I have noticed a huge increase in the amount of people going there. Also, there are people across the river, in the new condos, who like to stand outside of their balconies with their telescope looks at us on the beach. Some of the Sun worshipers call them “Sixty Year Old Creeps.” Oh well, some people are just voyeurs, and need to get out.

I like to sit in the shade. My skin burns way too easily. A towel, sunglasses, and cool Root Beer is all I need. A Two hour rest, and I am fully rejuvenated.

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