Reading the Tealeaves

Facing the prospects of having to move soon and an opportunity of jumping into my dream career, the whole summer has been a blur for me. I have being working a couple of jobs simultaneously now for just over Two months, and saving like mad for the next hill to climb. I have hit roadblocks, from both work and from the forces around me here at my home, but these are trivial as I now have my goal set in my sites. I have been constantly asked what my plans are, and my answer is most always the same—I want to get into my career as a fast as possible.

Although I have repeatedly given my goal, as far as what my next career move is, the uncertain economic climate seems to put both my timeline and positioning of my goal on a zigzag trajectory. Meeting the needs of those around who want to share my riches, discouragement for them ensues as one after another end dates are dropped and new timelines are formed. Take for example my part time job where that employer wishes that I stay on board with them because I am both a valuable source of labour and my experience in warehousing is a huge asset to them, yet they are totally confused and agitated with my ever changing plans as to when I will jump onto my new career path. Coupled with an unpredictable timeline, the economic climate today in Canada is still unpredictable, causing me to really watch what I am doing with my money. My main employer, in the software and internet market, has repeatedly asked me to take upgrading, and participate in conventions, but at my own expense. I have declined all the invitations. I believe that if an employer wishes me to grow with them, then it is their investment, not mine, to do that. Again, this causes frustration for my main employer as they see me as a vital team player, but because they refuse to hire on a fulltime bases, frustration is equalled from my end also. Both employers know that I have an ultimate career move ahead, yet both seem utterly steadfast in not accepting my goals.

The choice of staying where I am now, as long as I can, is another cause of my unpredictability in my long term outlook. Being asked to move is probably the hardest pill to swallow. I knew the news was coming for quite some time now and even with the official news the shock of being asked to move still stings. My dilemma is that where I am now offers me both privacy and accessibility at a humane level, as I own my home but rent the property I live on. The cost of renting this space is extremely cheap for me. The opportunity to save considerable amounts of income is a great boon for me, and is something that I want to hold onto as long as possible. What makes this choice is hard, is that there is a constant threat of being asked to leave before the promised deadline. The landowner wants me to stay to the very end, yet forces out of their control could jeopardise living a peaceful and happy time here.

As September approaches, I head back to the meetings, interviews and correspondents as I try and keep my foothold with my peers. This September will mark some significant changes in Government policies with Corrections and the Justice system. Both the Federal and Provincial governments are revaluating their programs, and we may get our break as they start their fall sittings in the legislatures. Although it seems bleak with all levels of government trying to work with less money, the sad reality is that Corrections is now a booming industry and this was a self fulfilled prophesy of the Federal Government with its tough on crime agenda.

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