So Many Locks on One Chain

I laughed when I took this shot, thinking why there were so many locks on One chain, it looked so funny. This gate, along Mavis Avenue in Fort Langley, is suppose to be the new route for the Fort to Fort Trail, so I am assuming that this gate will stay open for those who wish to the use the new section of trial for their hikes in September when it opens.

Needless to say that there is a lot of symbolically here in this shot. One point (that first jumped at me) is that only a select few who have a key can enter, while the gate can be entered by at least Three people who possess their own key, One key for each lock. For everyone else, you either have to go around the gate, or honour the locks and chains and do not enter beyond that point. I also see a social standard here to about why a road has a gate with locks on it–private ownership of what lies beyond this point. Then there is the danger aspect, that either something is being kept in, or we are being kept out, to protect us from harm. I could go on and on.

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