The Leaves Looking Like Fall in the Middle of August

Why are the leaves looking like fall in the middle of August?

I asked this question to a friend of mine who is a Biology major from UBC, and she said that she was not sure because she would need to take a look for herself at the trees. My photos were not good enough for her to make an informed judgment. She did say that it was more than likely insect damage, over top of the last couple of week’s worth of hot weather we just had. However, she would not rule out some form of pollution or manmade intervention being that these trees are so close to railway tracks and roads.

Over the last week leaves from the trees around my place , including a maple trees, have being dropping leaves at a high rate, and the leaf colours changed too. I was wondering if fall was starting early this year, since the whole weather pattern is out of whack. First the walnut tree, then the maple, and when I looked across the tracks, those trees were affected too. But further on, the trees look brilliantly green.

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