The Mill Closing – October 2002 in Fort Langley

I thought it would be fun to look through my digital photo collection and look back at the turn of the millennium, now Twelve years ago. My, how time flies looking back, and with so much change. Even my photos look like those old black and white archive images you see in museums and news paper clippings. Yes, getting old over here – yikes.

This is was taken on October 2nd, 2002, looking North East from the Fort Langley side of the tracks towards Glover road, and the Fort Pub building way off in the distance on Glover Road. The large barn shaped build along the tracks was a storage building for large equipment, and you can see some of the (Interfore) Mill buildings and equipment being disassembled further to the left.

Present day, this is now part of the Bedford Langley project. Only the railway tracks, part of the Fort Pub and Glover Road are still the same today. How things have changed in Ten years.

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