The White Flower and Stormy Clouds

I grabbed my camera when the Sun suddenly made an appearance through the storm clouds this afternoon. I walked to the railway tracks to get the best view I could, and I managed to get two really good shots in before the clouds blocked the light again. When I got back home, I copied the images onto my Desktop, and I was surprised at quality from most of the shots I took. Two really stood out for me.

The first one, which I call “The White Flower,” was sort of a test shot to make sure that I had the settings correct for the light I was shooting in. I used my telephoto 55 to 200mm lens for this, so my minimum focal distance is just over half a metre away. My objective was to shoot clouds as the Sun was setting, but what I got was a really good background, with incredible Bokeh, and awesome composition, in my opinion.

The second shot was my first run of shots shooting the clouds away from the Sun. I used the trees and foreground to compose the clouds with so that it would show the dynamic scale of the clouds in the distance. The clouds were very interesting because they were very low to the ground, yet they were huge, probably twenty kilometres away. The colour was also super because the Sun was still shinning on the buildings, and the clouds had various levels of shade and direct light to add to the composition.

Added August 24 2012:

Above, looking West into the Sun, the big white fluffy clouds. Awesome cloud formations!

More plant shots.

It is neat to shoot with a telephoto lens doing macro photography with it becuase you stand far enough away so that Bees will not sting you when they are collecting pollen.

2 Thoughts on “The White Flower and Stormy Clouds

  1. Love the clouds shots especially!

  2. I like the flower shots.

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