3D World in Blender

I am starting to advance further into the computer generated world of three dimensional art. With the discontinued software that I used in the past, searching for another program that would replace it and meet my needs was a long and hard, trial and by fire, stretch that saw me spending hours testing other programs that fell short. Primarily, I needed a program that could manipulate text, and do everything from text animation to very technical text graphics, like logo creation. Blender met my needs hands down.

The hardest part of learning Blender is its vastness and power that it has; it is a real time vampire, for example, the textbook I bought is over 400 pages, and that only scratched the surface of what Blender can do. Unlike the PovRay software that I was using before, which was simple but very limited, Blender has an array of functions that lets you step into the professional world of development, and allows you to create a world that enters you into the computer generated imagery that you see in large scale motion picture productions. The tutorials for Blander show functions that are jaw dropping. The learning curve requires a huge investment of time, and I have even spent money on textbooks to get as much out of the software as I can.

Blender is free to download and use, and has numerous help sites and examples of its awesome power. Blender is also cross-platform which means it works flawlessly on Linux, and the development team keeps it up to date and bugs free on a regular bases.

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