No More Volume Shock from TV Ads!

As of today, September 1st, 2012, the volume levels of television commercials now have to be the same volume as the programming that preceded it. No more low volume programming with blasting ads, making you chase down your remote control for your television to stop the sudden loud noises from it. Hopefully, you will not have to slowly increase the volume upwards of the program that you are watching, as the content provider fools you into suddenly being blasted with a commercial that is several decibels louder. The CRTC, (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission) has posted on their website that today is the day providers have to comply.

Quote “In the past, when you were watching TV and a commercial message was broadcast at a higher volume than the preceding program, it could really startle you. To prevent this, the CRTC requires broadcasters to follow rules aimed at ensuring that television programming and commercials are broadcast at a similar volume.”

I for one am very happy to see this. I have complained in the past, although not through email to the CRTC, but to my Cable Television provider. Now I can go straight to the CRTC if I see, or hear, any violations, and report them. Since I view mostly from my PVR, having proof is just as simple as showing them the recorded version–as I cannot tamper with the file. Heh.

One Thought on “No More Volume Shock from TV Ads!

  1. Yes, I am glad about this too. It’s about time! I will actually watch more commercials now probably as I muted every commercial just because it was too loud before.

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