Me the Shutter-Bug Passenger

It was so much fun just being a passenger, armed with my camera, shooting anything that looked cool as we drove by it, I wanted to do it again. It is not very often that I get to play passenger. Sure, I could ride on a bus, or take a taxi, but there are rules of conduct with those modes of transportation, and getting other passengers upset is not something I want to deal with. Yes, I have been on a bus before, snapping a few photos, when a crack addict passenger from Langley City who thought I was some sort of NARK transit user, freaked out, becuase he thought I was going to “expose” him, and made the whole day go South. The passenger was so paranoid that he wanted nothing to do with me taking photos, not once was the camera was pointed at him, not once, and it came close to actually getting the police to subdue him–luckily he got off in Surrey, my halfway point on my trip. The thought of the Stanly Cup Vancouver Riots – popped into mind. So, when you get the opportunity of riding with a friend through places that you do not visit that often, it was hard to resist the shutter bug in me.

We drove from Fort Langley to New Westminster, BC, first riding on the Hwy #91, then HWY #1 on the way back. I took photos of all the bridges, and some of the newer building that have popped up in the last while. The city(s) sure have changed in the last five years or so. And so too has the new Port Mann Bridge!

There is still some good summer weather left for this year, so I will try hard to capture it!

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