Boxed In

I just had my eye check-up done a few days ago, and to my surprise my eyes are getting worse. I am far sighted, and even objects that are far away are getting blurry now. My prescription is up to +2.25 now and the wonderful lady who performed the eye exam on me told me that my eyes are going to continue to adjust as I get older. Yay, to old age! NOT!

The agony of wearing glasses is, well, agony–there is no other way for me to explain it. I hate glasses. All of my life, until a few years ago, I was free with twenty-twenty vision. Then one day I woke up, noticing that the print in textbooks was straining my eyes. I panicked, resisted the idea of having to get an eye exam, knowing that life as I knew it then was changed forever.

Loosing glasses has become my daily pet peeve. I have driven home from work becuase I forgot to take my glasses with me. There were many times when I found news paper articles and books that I wanted to read on the spot, but did not have my glasses with me. Then there is not seeing the details becuase I just did not wanted to wear my glasses. Such an inconvenience these glasses are.

I feel admiration and respect to my many friends who wear glasses, some all of their lives. Perhaps when you have no choice but to start and end your daily life wearing glasses, the pain and heartache of having them with you is not so bad. Me, the half and half user, I find getting into the habit of keeping a pair of glasses with me a challenge. Perhaps I have now entered the life of a full-time user of glasses now?

Oh dear. Where are my newer ones?

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