Shooting the Last Bit of Summer 2012

Sure, the weather may linger onwards, but this is it here in Canada, the last, the end, the unofficial last weekend of summer. Perhaps there are a few more days, a couple of weekends left to come of hot sun filled days, but this is the last of the free time before I head back into the workweek, and fall season. So, without further ado, we say adios to summer.

To start off with, I traveled up to Glenn Valley, and walked along the level. There is this really neat looking railway bridge that I always wanted to shoot, but never had the time to walk that far. Today I finally did it. Da-da!

I like the look of the bridge. It has that industrial look to it, and with the mill in the background, I tried to wash out the sky with the Sun. The small size does not do this image justice.

Mount Baker, which is in the United States, that is how big it is, and it really is a volcano! It is a creepy thought to know that where I live there are three volcanoes, all active, within a thirty-five kilometer radius from me. I have blogged about this before, but I like to remind people that this is British Columbia, and we do live along the “Ring of Fire” according to Geologists!

On to a happier photo!

A cool looking farm in Gle3nn Valley. I shot with a 200mm telephoto lens. Perfect for a day like this with all the Sun. I did use a tripod, as I always do when using my lenses 200mm and up.

The imitation Fort Building on Glover Road, shot from Brae Island. Lots of patients waiting for the wind to catch the flags in this shot!

OK, like I said on Twitter (and I tweeted the larger versions of these images on Twitter) Sand plus Water Equals BEACH. I love this shot. This is ti for me – the meaning of summer right here in Fort Langley – so many days spent roasting on the beach. Heaven!

I call this one, “Female Foot Prints.” Yes, I fell in love with the woman who made these. Those are mine on the right. We talked for an hour before we had to part ways. I truly hope I see her again, and we can meet to get to know each other better. “Awe, love makes all stupid” a friend of mine once said. So, I captured her foot prints to remember this day with.

Last one.

As the Sun sank lower in the sky, I seen these weird sand patterns along the beach. Perhaps not a good example with such a small photos, but the sand looks really weird. The Sun just added to the weirdness effect!

OK, Bed Time. See you all in the work weeks! Enjoy!

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