September Sunny Sony Shots

Well, a week into September and the Sun is still blazing away. But we all know (for those who live here – year round) that this will end soon, so taking every opportunity to catch the Sun is a shared goal amongst us harden Canadians. The beach on Brae Island was full of Sun Worshipers, and the River was dotted with boater, both motorized and paddle -powered alike. What an awesome day!

So I took a walk straight down to the River, waiting for that right time of day, an hour before sunset, when the light is golden perfect, to do some photography. The day did not disappoint. A cloudless sky, golden Sun, and lots to shoot, what more could I ask for.

Raspberries. An almost perfect blend of light and depth of field. I shot with a 200mm lens on my SonyA35.

You can really see the mountains good today. Usually the smog, or clouds, get in the way of seeing those real pointy mountains in the far distance from Fort Langley. Again I shot this with my 200mm lens.

Happy campers on the beach enjoying the Sun. This is Brae Island, as I took this from the bridge (Glover Road) over the Fraser River. I have taken many shots from this post. Great viewing spot for looking West over the river.

Catching the light just right, I took this shot with my 200mm lens while on the bridge (Glover Road). I am very happy the way this shot turned out!

This was actually my first shot of the day. I thought about it for a while whether or not to post this, but it passed my composition art opinion test. I took this shot with a 100mm, but wished I kept my 200mm zoom lens on at the time. I was packing 5 lenses with me today: 12mm,  30mm, 18 – 55mm zoom, 100mm macro, 55 – 200mm zoom lens. I did end up keeping the 55 – 200mm zoom lens on most of the time aways.

ADDED: I sort of looked at this shot and finally decided to post it to becuase it has such nice golden colours! In fact, this photos catches my eye.

I took this shot with my 200mm lens also.

And Another one!

Someone once told me that they wanted me to start taking more street photography of the town I live in. So here we go. This is a redone (re-renovated) restaurant, just passed the tracks in Fort Langley, across from the Fort Pub. I was loosing light fast at this point, on my way home.

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