Street Photography in Fort Langley

I was up extra early this morning, having to take of some tasks at work, but when I got home it was still early enough to take a walk around town and do some street photography. So, with almost empty streets and really good light, I took two groups of photos, and decided to split them up into to two posts. This post will mainly be of street photography done with my 14mm wide angle lens. I do not get to take this lens out very often, so once I have it on, I ran it thought its paces.

The great effect of the wide angle lens is that you can close to the subject and still get everything in the photo. There were¬† several vehicles parked along the sidewalk right where I wanted to shoot–the 14mm lens saved the shot!

The majority of these photos are shot along Glover Road, the main drag in Fort Langley.

This shot is very close to where I live. Here you can see the Fort Pub, and Railway Tracks that separate Before Landing and Fort Langley, BC.

It is fumy to think that in just an hour of taking this shot the town will fill with lots of cars and people. I would have never gotten this shot if I was shooting 20 minutes later.

Above: it is a house, or a shop?

So, stay tuned for the next post, which will not have street photography in it, but shots of the same places with a 100mm macro lens instead.

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