Rediscovering my Lava Lamp

I have three of these lava lamps; one I keep in my little living room becuase it has such a retro look to it, and the other two are in storage. I have had these lamps for nearly a decade now, and I think the one in my living room has not being on since six years ago. I turned this one on this afternoon just for the thrill of seeing it do its lava lamp thing. I waited for nearly four hours until I gave it a shake thinking that the waxy stuff inside had lost its lava lamp gusto. Well, the blob of wax turned into thousands of tiny little blobs of waxy goo before they all settled back down to the bottom and formed the usual mass blob that was there before. In that mass of shaken tiny blobs I took some macro shoots of them becuase they looked great with the light shinning up through the lamp.

I can see why people liked these, especially during the ’60s when anything psychedelic looked cool. These lamps must of thrilled people for hours as they watched the blob of waxy goo rise and fall over and over and over again. This one in my living room is a blue coloured water with light orange waxy goo inside, which matches my living room decor better than the other two I have which are Red and Green.

I will give the lamp a few more hours to see if it does the lava lamp thing. Perhaps these lamps do have a limited life span?


2 Thoughts on “Rediscovering my Lava Lamp

  1. That shot would be perfect for a Sprite ad. 💡 I am still a commercial copywriter at heart. 🙂

  2. I would love to shoot for an ad, if it pays really well. I should see what my camera could do shooting some bubbly beverages? Perhaps next week’s adventure in my photography quest?

    Thanks Sheri!

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