Hiking, Meeting People On the Trails, and Shooting the Clouds

You meet the darnedest people when hiking along the trails in Fort Langley, BC. As I was out hiking with my camera along the Fort to Fort and Brea Island trails, I ran into three people of whom I thought I would never meet on the trail, ever. I guess hiking along these trails is becoming far more popular that I ever thought?

Anyway, the whole purpose of today’s hike was shooting clouds. The clouds were great looking as there was a cold front moving in just after a nights worth of rain and a new weather system was poised to move in for tonight–this was the first wave of clouds coming in. The air was really cool when the Sun was blocked from the clouds, and the wind was picking up, in all making the air very clear and clouds move fast across the horizon.

Oh yes, meeting all those people along the trails. I met my land lord, the guy who I pay rent to. He was the last guy I thought I would see along the trail. He was jogging, another surprise becuase I did not figure him to be the jogging, hiking type. At least he was not dressed in spandex. Then there was an old class mate from university, a woman who I shared many classes with. She was walking with her three children, a new born, and two toddlers. She had a handful so I let her go after saying just “hi” and a few pleasantries. Then there was an old co-worker from the days when I used to work for a big box store. We chatted for a while, but he was pressed to get his hike over and done with, so we parted ways and continued on our way after about five minutes.

I like to say that all of my photos today were taken with my 55 to 200mm zoom lens. I was also shooting with my Sony A33, which I have not had out in a while. I like this little camera, as it was my first DSLR, or mirrorless camera.

The great thing about a 200mm lens is that when you see something that is up in a tree, like theseĀ  Mountain Ash Berries, you can still get a good quality close ups of them without having to climb up to them. You cannot do that with a 30mm macro lens without a ladder!

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