Waiting for the Store to Open in Fort Langley, BC

Waiting still for the IGA/Lee’s market store to open, as the construction seems to have stopped, or slowed right down. Yes, this is another post on the topic of why it is taking so long for the store to open. I have not been paying any attention to the local dirt on the store here in town, but I was hoping that September would be the month that store would finally open this year, but judging by work that still needs to be done, and the speed that the construction is going at, I figure they are going to be a while longer yet.

The photo was taken last weekend, on the 8th, and it clearly shows that the building is a ways yet before it is ready for shoppers to enter it. I move out in May 2013, so my time as a shopper maybe really short here. Too bad, I really missed the store. I will embrace the final days I have here in Fort Langley once the doors open at the IGA/Lee’s, and I can walk to the market instead of driving into Langley City for my produce.

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