Last Full Weekend of Summer 2012

What a better way to kick off the last official full weekend of summer 2012, and that is to post some awesome sunset shots! I have been waiting for today all week long. Counting the days and hours off becuase this weekend I figured out that I can buy some camera gear over the Internet without having to worry too much about getting ripped off if I encounter a scammer. I will talk a little more about that later on in this post, but first some sunset shots.

Above, the Sun just sank behind the horizon and the light is being reflected off of the clouds. I used a 200mm lens, 1/600 at F8 ISO100. I did this to get the silhouette effect of the trees, as close as I could to a all black foreground. Below, same shot but zoomed out to 50mm. (Added: No, this is NOT a HDR photo. I hate HDR photography. This is a pure RAW – JPEG file done with a Sony A33, my baby camera).

An even better shot was when I first got to this location (Glen Valley, just East for Fort Langley, BC) I Shot the Sun behind a tree in the distance so that the dust in the air would glow. I love how the air was lit up like a halo effect. I will post larger versions of these photos in the pages section of this blog soon. I also zoomed in too in this scene, but will post those shots later.

OK, last one. Here you can see the ball of light, the Sun, just behind a tree.

OK, buying camera gear on line without having to worry too much about getting ripped off. I did some research on prepaid visa cards, and found that the Visa Cards from City Bank (Canada), bought through Canada Post, are about the “best bang” for your buck. The fees are straight forward, and not too hefty like some other cards I researched. The one I got does everything a normal Visa card does, but once it is used up, I can either re-load it, or say good bye to it; either way, if the card gets stolen, or someone hacks into it, all they can take is the money that is in the card, nothing more. And even better, the fees do not charge interest! I like that. I did not have to have a Bank account, nor go through a credit check for the card. In fact, once I bought the card, loaded it with some money, I used it right away.

I should post on how the card work later on?

Anyway, the card works great, and it is a great alternative to getting a Bank account and racking up debt.

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