Wackos in the Wilderness

They must of thought that we were wackos in the wilderness, as me and three other buddies claimed our camping spot at our secret, undisclosed camp site, the one we keep secret becuase we do not want the entire Vancouver, BC population to know about–you get the idea. We marched in with laptops, smart phones, Chinese food (that we had delivered) and not one bit of camping gear with us with the exception of chairs and a fold-up table. Heck, we could not start a fire if our lives dependent on it becuase no one smokes, or had any matches. We were there simply for a good time, to talk, reminisce and meet new friends–yes more friends arrived.

We sat up our chairs around the table. Soon the second lot of friends arrived, and they brought nothing, except for their camping food. They brought hot dogs, a food item that you need to have a fire to cook them with–we had no matches, and there was no fire wood. We had the fire pit, but missing some key ingredients to make it work. One of the hot dog owners, I will only call her Laura, becuase she hates that name, decided to ask the park caretaker for some fire wood. I think she was shocked to find that fire wood in this park was not free–$10.00 for an arm full. I told her to drive back to Fort Langley, over to Walnut Grove, and grab a small gas stove. An hour later she came back with a stove, but no kerosene, so off to the gas station. Then on the way there she figured out that you need a pan to at least cook the food on with–so back to Walnut Grove to buy some cooking utensils.

Meanwhile the Sun was setting, and some of us had to leave. Funny how the men and women separate at some point during the gathering? The woman got their hot dogs cooked, and we gave them our chairs. We all went to beach where we sat catching the last of the Sun. The women wanted to go swimming; the water was cold, but the women went in anyways daring us to follow. None of the men followed–it was funny. The women tried so hard to get us to go into the water, using every luring tactic they knew, but none of us bothered. Why? We did not have any towels. They shivered as they huddled around the gas stove after the Sun set.

I forgot how loud twelve people are in the wilderness. The women with their high pitched shreecks and squeals as they reacted to the low throaty booming of the men’s voices as we all voiced over each other in our constant chatter. Passers by and campers must of thought we were intoxicated. Anyway, we left around 9:00pm, well before the day camp sites were to close.

I am going over the photos I took of my friends now. I am laughing, as I got some really good candids. Tomorrow I will sort out the good ones for post, and leave the rest for blackmail…. bwaaahhahahahahahah ******cue evil music*******.

2 Thoughts on “Wackos in the Wilderness

  1. Entertaining post, Tom. Way to enjoy the last weekend of summer. I was quite happy here in civilization lol.

  2. Thanks Sheri! We were across the river on Brea Island! LOL. A five minute walk from my place.

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