Three Day Old Weeds: We Need a Mow Over Here

The first question I asked this morning when I looked outside is where the heck is our grounds keeper? I mean really, the park is going to Hell in a hand basket real fast this summer. Sure, the grass is mostly dead from the lack of rain, and everyone calls it the “golden lawn,” but the weeds have got living in drought conditions all figured out–they seem to love it. So it would make sense to give the weeds a mow during the regular scheduled maintenance periods too. Sure these weeds look pretty, but try walking through them in your bare feet!

I guess you are wondering why does not Tom pull up his boot straps and try mowing himself too?

Simple answer is that where I live, the landlord takes care of the landscaping and lawn maintenance. This is part of what I pay for in my pad rent. So, I have the right to complain when this service is held off, and the park looks hideous, and this is a right that I sometimes voice up becuase people see when they visit me. Sure, hideous is probably too strong of a word, but in hindsight we do go through this every so often and tenants start writing letters complaining, especially when the leave start falling. The only difference is that the park will be closing next year so I can only imagine that the land lord is holding off becuase there is no long term benefit in keeping the place at 100 percent.

2 Thoughts on “Three Day Old Weeds: We Need a Mow Over Here

  1. Sometimes typos are cute — “bear feet” wins that prize! 😀 It makes me think of the old Teddy Bear’s Picnic song.

  2. LOL, OMG! That completely got passed me. Thanks for pointing that one out. Yes, it is kind of funny. I actually own Bear Feet boots that I bought years ago up North.

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