Cooling Off a Hotdog

I love action shots, especially when dealing with water. It was a hot day, with my thermometer hitting 27C, which is hot for us here in the Fraser valley. I walked to the river where it was a little cooler than it was at my place. There were many people with their dogs, letting them run through the water trying to keep cool. Last week when I took this shot below, I got this shot while a dog owner was throwing a large stick across the river and letting his dog run in after it to then bring it back for more. A good method of keeping Fido cool.

This shot was done with a 200mm lens, using a really fast shutter speed at F11. I love how I captured the spray of the water coming off of the stick in mid flight. I wish I could get more shots like this one. I see I may have to pay for a model, with a dog,  to throw sticks across the river for me! LOL.

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