More Photography – In Walnut Grove BC

As summer starts to close, the weather continues to keep on heating things up, even breaking records further down the valley. Even during a weekday it is still fun to take the camera with me, even to the store. I shot these while waiting for a friend gather groceries. I waited in the truck so that I could get some shots of the mountains which can be seen from 88 Avenue, one of the highest points in Walnut Grove.

The above shot I took with a 16mm lens. The Sun was just passing the golden hour, and I had little time to do a whole bunch of fancy shots, so I did three lens changes, 34 shots, and packed it in.

Above, and below shots were taken with a 200mm lens. It was too bad that the Sun was almost set, and the smog was too thick to get a clear image. I lost a lot of detail becuase of the smog in the air.

I know during the cooler weather these shots will be much more sharper. Anyway, it was good to shoot in different locations that I normally do not venture into. I will have to come back here soon when the conditions are better for some telephoto shooting. Winter arrives here fast, and soon–I say Eight more weeks and we should start to see the winter effects of weather starting. Oh so looking forward to winter… NOT!

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