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The time has come with one good season coming an end and another begins. From warm early days changing to darker and cooler ones, fall is now officially begun. Since last week the Sun is no longer up when I get up, and I no longer need sunglasses when driving to work any more either. It was about 7:00am this morning that the Equinox event occured, and this means that today the Solar Day is as long as the night. After tonight, the nights will rule the day.

This photo sums up about how I feel today. The clouds have rolled in, and it is cool compared to the last few weeks of hot sunny weather. The leaves started falling early this season becuase of the lack of rain for so long, but normally there are a few more weeks until the trees really start to show their fall colours.

Vancouver is also ready to break a very old record in the weather department. If we have little or no rain between now and the end of the month, then we will have broken a 100 plus year old record of having the driest August to September period since then. This year is so weird becuase it was so cool and wet going into summer, that it is rare for anyone to complain about how hot it has been over the last six weeks because of the poor start to the summer season. And with so much rain at the beginning of the year, we hardly had any issues with water restrictions here in Fort Langley in the middle of this dry period.

It did try to rain a little bit this morning, but all I saw were a few drops. Here is hoping that we break that dry record for August and September. I know, the farmers might not like it, but I will.

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