Looking Through Rosy Coloured Glasses

This morning, when I got settled into work, my day turned into one panic attack after another, almost from the first five minutes after I turned my workstation, up until it was my time to go home. From people coming in during the weekends to help themselves, leaving piles of messes everywhere for Monday morning, to the filling cabinet that someone went through and took, and rearranged countless files, my morning was a nightmare that made me want to just leave and say I am sick. I fought back, taking on every challenge that crossed my path. From listening to whiners, and complainers, to the department heads barking orders, I took them all on. Once the dust settled and the whiners, complainers and psychopaths were soothed, and sent on their way, I regrouped and quietly turned off my workstation and slipped out the door to go home.

I must have left my rose coloured glasses at home. The office looked grim, and disorganized. Everywhere I looked someone had moved inventory, and left rubbish like spoiled little children with helicopter mothers to pick up after them, I thought “pigs lived better than this.” I cleaned as much as I could within the time I had. What happened, I thought to myself?

I guess in hindsight this always happens. Even myself I find that I go through periods where there is just not enough time in the day to completely clean up after myself, so I on rare occasions I leave my work space in a bit of a mess, but not very often. When I do, the boss comes around and lets me know with subtle messages and gestures. However, one day, in a hectic panic Eight hours, I left my work place pretty messy. The boss’s wife came down that afternoon and cleaned; but not only did she clean, she rearranged–everything. The was my lesson. I now keep the my work space clean, and usually there are no surprises when I come back the next day because of this golden rule.

Sometimes a working stiff must put on the rosy coloured glasses just to make it through each workday.

The day ended successfully. There were no giant explosions of heated moments, nor did an economic crash occur in accounting, so in all a very successful Monday!

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