Deciding on What Lighting System to Buy

For the last couple of weeks I have been contemplating on what type of lighting system I want to use for my studio photography. I got the studio bug three months ago when I got to step into a real working studio out in Port Kells, just a Five minute drive from my home. I was impressed at the scale and intricacy of the whole set up. I even got to see a photo shoot taking place, a model who was modeling clothes and makeup for a local newspaper. I was inspired at what I saw.

Since then I have been gathering as much information on studio photography as I could. I started looking on line and getting books from the library, and also looking at photo equipment on the web. The more I dug into this, the more I became inspired.

Last week I made the decision to start buying some basic tools in my ever growing list of photography equipment. First I had to decide on which lighting system I wanted. Second, what system should I buy to meet my needs such as, large or small setup, outdoor or indoor, perhaps both, and then whether I should go for a combination of hot lights or strobes, the choices were endless. Last, my budget plan, setting up a timetable to buy what I needed to get started, and how much time and money I should save up to before I start buying.

Since I got to stand in a real life photography studio and see the equipment that they were using and how it all works, I decided that I too should go with strobes for my starter lighting system. The strobes were slightly more expensive that hot lights, but overall, according my friends at the studio, you have better results with strobes, or more control over the light. I found a seller very close to me here in the Lower Mainland in the Vancouver area which helped me with the lights. I found them on EvilBay, so I was happy that I could shop local. Unfortunately, the rest of items I had to look over seas.

Now, I had several choices of companies to buy from, but my final decision went down to brand name and cost. I found that most of the businesses that gave me the best bang for my buck were in Hong Kong, which sold identical items that are also offered here in Canada. Not surprisingly, the Hong Kong sellers had better a shipping deal than those from here and in the United States. Also, the Hong Kong dealers were consistently Twenty percent cheaper too. I guess with Canada’s high dollar (at the time of writing this), anywhere is now cheaper than buying in my own back yard. I estimate that at the middle of October I should have all of my equipment bought and ready to go.

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