Searching for Signs of Fall, and Snapping a Few Photos Too!

I am kind of snickering to myself becuase I really do not see any extreme signs of the new season we are in, heh-hem, fall. We are still getting the warm summer like weather that has been greeting us for the last couple of months, and I cannot really find anyone around here complaining. So, this is good, right?

There are few areas that I noticed that have the yellow leaves, but they are out of town, and I am on the fence as to arguing that those trees are probably showing fall signs first due to lack of rain. I can say that is has been very dry around here, and we are on the edge of setting a new record for the driest August and September from over a hundred year ago.

Anyway, on with the day’s photos.

The token flower shot–flowers over at Marina Park in Fort Langley, BC. I shot this with the Sony kit lens, the 18 to 55mm Zoom. It is rare that I have this lens out. I wanted to pack light today so I only brought two lenses with me.

Above, the twisty tree along the river bank, also in Marina Park. Below, the same spot, but a wide angle shot of the whole park. You can see in the background that the trees still have a ways to go before they drop their leaves.

And finally a shot of the river, looking East towards valley (up stream) on the Fort Langley side of the mighty Fraser River.

You can really see the smog along the horizon in this last photo. This is why I do not have mountain shots becuase the smog is just to thick today. I say the visibility was less than ten kilometers.

So, until this weekend. Happy photography!

2 Thoughts on “Searching for Signs of Fall, and Snapping a Few Photos Too!

  1. I know fall isn’t smacking us in the face yet, but I can smell it in the air at night and in the morning… there’s no mistaking it… she’s coming. 😉

  2. Yes. but our screwed up weather patterns really make for some unpredictable weather forecasting. Imagine, we could get an Indian Summer this winter?

    But sadly I can feel the frost coming too. *sigh*

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