Light: The Do-Dad On the Back of the Speed-Light Thingy

This morning, well, actually it was more closer towards lunch time, I had the Sun shinning in through my living room window, and I thought that this would be a good time to try some more flash photography on Mini and Moe, since they were still out living on my couch. The Sun was popping in and out from the clouds, so I was constantly changing my aperture settings on my camera, not realizing that there were settings on the flash too that could make of the difference of perfect balanced light, or a shot that looked like an atomic detonation just went off – over exposure. Of course who has time to read the manual on these things, right.

On the back of my flash there are settings that give out fractions on the LCD : it starts from 1:1, all the way down to 1/32. It dawned on me that these were like power settings; 1 equals full power, and 1/32 was the lowest setting. So not only can I zoom the flash, make the light spread out wide, or just light a narrow area, but I can adjust the intensity of it too. This is frick’n cool.

I hauled out a small chunk of grey carpet and laid it down on my living room floor. I have blue carpet already, but the light did not look that great with it, so the gery colour was way better. Mini and Moe were placed right at the area where the Sun was shining the best through the window blinds.

So, the Sun was shining in from the left, my Key Light; the flash was over to my right, almost right behind me but to my side, my Fill Light. I waited for the Sun to pop out from behind a clouds, and I started taking some shots. I adjusted the flash, setting the zoom to its widest level, and cut the intensity down to 1/18 and 1/32 bouncing the flash from off of the side wall–almost aiming it at the corner of the room behind me.

The shadows from the Sun on the floor were very interesting, but the room was way too dark to get a nice exposure. Mini and Moe were not getting the light from my position while I was taking the shot-there was furniture that had to be moved, and I was not up to that. So having the flash as the Fill Light made all the difference.

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