Shooting Photos Along 88th Avenue

When I first wrote the title of this post I called it, “Shooting Along 88 Avenue,” but then I quickly changed my mind thinking how many would have searched it for thinking all the wrong reasons. When I think of how many words that are interlinked with photography and weaponry, I want to make sure that the reader does not get confused at the onset. So, this is a post about photography, and the shots that I took along 88th between Fort Langley and Walnut Grove, BC today.

This was where the Park and Ride, and Bus Loop (88th Ave. & 204th St.) used to be in Walnut Grove. In just a few short years this part of Langley Township really took off in development. When I was young, I remember this all being farms. Yes, I am getting old. Time does not stop for no one!

Also along 88 Avenue is this farm by Fort Langley, just on the out skirts of town. The Sun was just setting, and I wanted to capture the mountains in the background, but I was loosing light fast, so I had to just settle with a 55mm zoom lens shot. I went with the wide angle shot, 18mm, showing the sky with the mountains in the background instead. Still a nice shot, but I wish I had the light.

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