The Derby Reach Hike Part 1

These are but just a sample of all the photos I took today. I spent a little over two hours walking, and shooting, and also met another photographer along the way too. She was a cute too. 🙂

Perhaps this set of photos shows the view of the river at its best, late afternoon.

Below, I should have lighten it up a bit. I think I had way to short of a shutter speed on this. I think I have more shots that are better, lighter, but I will save that for the part 2 post.

And a closeup, using my 200mm lens, of Mount Baker towering above the landscape and the Fraser River.

Below, I think is the best shot in this batch – looking toward Maple Ridge, BC from the South side of the Fraser River.

And another shot of Maple Ridge, BC using a 50mm view.

Tomorrow I will put up some shots of the trail. Until then.

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