Shooting Apples

First, I love my newly acquired softbox for shooting with a speedlight. Using the softbox has made a huge difference in my learning development of studio photography. Second, using light modifiers has cranked up my world of photography a few notches to new heights, and I want to go further. Last, figuring all this new stuff out is awesome. I know getting used to all the new equipment is going to be fun – I am so looking forward to it – and any bit of spare time I can get, I use it towards shooting!

I have already put into motion plans on buying a proper set of strobe lights with softboxes and light reflecting umbrellas in the next few weeks. This includes RF light trigger and other attachments for my camera. I want to do both indoor and outdoor photography, having the ability to control the light on my subject anywhere. Well, that is my goal.

You can see I love this.

Diffusing the light makes a huge difference when using a flash in studio photography.

That old saying, “the difference between men and boys is the size, scope and cost of their toys,” applies here.

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