Street Photography – Cranberry Fest in Fort Langley BC

Just like the festivals from years before, the streets were packed with vendors and people, not to mention the buckets and buckets of cranberries everywhere, but this year was  even bigger and better. The town of Fort Langley was packed. I arrived around high-noon with camera in hand, and a good set of shoes on for all the walking I had to do. The streets were so contested with people that it took me about Twenty minutes to walk just Two blocks. It was fabulous, a photographer’s dream, with a Sun filled sky, and lots of colours. I squeezed off about One Hundred and Fifty shots before I called it quits.

The above shot is my iconic cranberry shot.

Above – you do not need to be a rocket scientist to know this shot is of a wine vendor. Wine making is a really big industry here in the Fraser Valley.

If you are big on pure, natural Salts and Sugars, then the above image is of a vendor who seem to go all out on the stuff.

Above – Yes, tons of veggies to buy too! Harvest time means awesome street photography of colourful veggies.

Above – I am going to say, Apple flowers? They look pretty.

Above – Monkey Socks Dolls!

Above – No, I did photoshop this image! This is the way the flower is: bright, loud and fiery. This vendor had many flower arrangements full of these bad boys. Below – The iconic pumpkin shot. Hey, this is the symbol of October and fall around here.

I will post about Sixty of all the shots I did today in my Gallery Page, and link it on my next post. I have many shots of people (crowd) shots, plus many more street shots of vendors with their wares. Until then!

3 Thoughts on “Street Photography – Cranberry Fest in Fort Langley BC

  1. Nice shots of the Cranberry Festival. 😎 I will check out your gallery to see more.

  2. Thanks Sheri!

    I should have them posted soon.

    Cheers! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. The photos were great, send me a copy of oo37 and 0039 I really like those two.

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