Fall Photos of Maple Trees in the Langleys

I got up extra early, way before most on this Thanksgiving long weekend Monday, and went to a spot that I scouted out last week that has maple trees. The maple trees are about the only trees so far this season that are really showing off their fall colours. This spot is located right on Glover Road and the railway tracks in an area called Milner.

The only thing I did not anticipate were all the power lines that dotted the sky in my view of these trees from the road. It is private land on each side of the road, except for the small turn-a-round viewing area by the creek/pond–so my shots were limited. Anyway, the trees are awesome to shoot.


I posted Seventeen shots on my photo gallery: Click Here to see them. Have a look and let me know what you think. I value feedback. Happy Thanksgiving!

2 Thoughts on “Fall Photos of Maple Trees in the Langleys

  1. Love all these photos! My friend and I are coming out to Fort Langley tomorrow to go antiquing but I wanted to ask you what else you’d recommend we do. Any specific trails that you’d recommend? Places to lunch? Auctions, events, etc?

  2. Thanks for looking, and glad you like my photos.

    Well, as far as trails go – there is the Fort to Fort, which can be accessed at the Fort Pub, just before the bridge – turn left. If you cross the bridge, (over the Fraser River) there is Brea Island which is a Metro Vancouver Park – it has lovely trails along the river. If you go to the CN Museum (Railway Station) , Glover and Mavis, there is a map along the sidewalk (before the railway tracks) which will show everything interesting for trails.

    Food – just walk along Glover RD and Mavis Avenue there are many restaurants to choose from. Just about everything in Fort Langley is within walking distance – it’s not a very big town.

    There is the big Parks Canada Museum, the Fort, Along Mavis Ave. And there are some smaller local museums around there too.

    I hope this helps. Have fun!

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