Boxes with Funny Labels

Every once in a while you come a cross something that just makes you laugh out loud (LOL), and the more you think about it, the more hilarious it becomes. Case in point, the shipping box that was plunked on my desk the day before from the warehouse. It was just your regular small size box, nothing special, an electronic device for the office public address system that some technicians were going to install. I had to check the invoice, the usual inspection, recording the voicing against the purchase order number to make sure everything was ” tick-ity-boo,” (which is office speak for everything is balanced, and that this will please Revenue Canada). It was not until I turned the box over and read the Shipping and Receiving notice on the side of the box that I almost sprayed out coffee across my desk. This is what it said:

Oh the temptation to scribe “you’re” above the decal was overwhelming. I resisted the temptation, and left the box the way it is. Sometime before lunch the box was taken, but not until I took this photo of it with my emergency backup point and shoot camera.

3 Thoughts on “Boxes with Funny Labels

  1. Fantastic! Common sense. Straight to the point. I want the t-shirt.

  2. Diane. Nice!

  3. That is priceless! Ha! Ha! 😆

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