Not Feeling So Great

The last couple of days have been not so great ones for me, probably a mild flue, combined with the onset of our back-to-normal Wet Coast weather, and over worked, as I have been putting in some long hours of work too. When I got home on Friday, I went straight to bed and slept until Saturday morning, when I got the call in to pop into work for a Four hour stint later that afternoon. When I was Two hours into the shift, a series of issues came up which caused me to stay there until 6:00pm, a full days work. So I spent most of today sleeping, fighting this bug I have.

The bug I have only seems to be making my muscles ache. I am very happy that it has not hit my sinuses and lungs. I hate those kinds of flu-bugs. Anyway, typing this out is a big deal, so I am going to put this post up, and try to eat some food–then sleep–I have work first thing tomorrow. Not a great weekend eh?

2 Thoughts on “Not Feeling So Great

  1. Sorry to hear you were sick on the weekend. –Hope you’re all better now. It’s welcome to cold and flu season, I guess. 😉

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