Finally Got Out of the House for a Walk

I feel a lot better today. Having dragged my butt off to work when I should have been in bed has probably prolonged this flu bug, but at least I can say I am on the mend. I did a short walk down to the river, maybe a little over Three Kilometers, just enough to break a sweat and snap some cool fall photos. The other factor was the Sun made a brief appearance too–that was nice, and made for good shots.

There are still many trees that are hanging on to their green leaves, refusing to change into fall. Of course the Maples are halfway through their change, dropping leaves at a fast rate, so they kind of stick out in the forest.

The weather has taken on the normal West Coast format: rain, cool and wet. It is in stark contrast from just over a week ago when we had almost a full month period of sunny summer like weather. Oh, those were the days.

So, the colour is what makes the shot. You cannot beat the maple trees when they go from Green to Orange, to Red, to Brown. Even in low light these shot look great!

Even the white roses are fading away.

I think the above photo is the berries from a Dogwood tree? I could be wrong, but they sure look weird!

Anyway, I am feeling a lot better now. I am hoping to get out more often and get myself back into better shape. I have been staying inside for the last week, so getting out feels great, but I am cautious about getting too worked up outside and getting a double take of this illness.

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