Shooting Underneath the Mushrooms

Shooting underneath the mushrooms is something different, especially when this time of year yields some hefty size mushrooms, but you still need a good macro lens for the shots. This shot gives a good perspective of what Alice would have seen if she where a real person who shrank to a tiny 6CM tall girl from the story, (Alice and Wonderland). Using a 30mm Macro lens, I opened the f stop down to 2.8 to get as much Bokeh in the background as possible – kind of a psychedelic effect with all the colours merged and blurred out together.

The mushroom only stands a 10CM tall with a cap about 6CM in diameter. I placed the camera near to the ground, and using the display to line up the shot, I was able to adjust my focus get the narrow field of view to the right spot I wanted. So, if Alice were walking through the grass towards the mushroom forest, then this is what she would see.

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