An Unexpected Chink in my Armor

My gallant Pathfinder is undergoing some repairs from an unexpected seizure it had when the ignition system went bizerk on it last night. It left me stranded in Walnut Grove Sunday night, stuck in the parking lot, when I was going to do some shopping at the Buy-Low store. I pulled into the parking lot, only to be held up when a lady, driving a huge SUV needed room to pull out. When I went to start my vehicle, the starter went, turned over the engine for about Five seconds, then the engine quit, but the starter kept on going. I had to get out and pull the wire off from the battery to stop the starter from turning.

I went back in the store to ask for a phone the clerk garbed his cell phone started to tap away on it. The clerk there was so nice – he Googled a tow truck company on his iPhone, and then phoned them for me, to pick up my dead vehicle. That was so cool!
An hour later the tow truck arrived.

Sadly, the tow was just over $80.00, for a less than 20 kilometer trip back to home. What can you do when you need a tow—they have you hanging, literally?

One of my Twitter friends said I should have BCAA, a kind of driving emergency insurance for days like this. I think she is right! Sign me up.

Post Script:

I took the bus into work today. That is another post!

2 Thoughts on “An Unexpected Chink in my Armor

  1. Yes, (when I drove) I had BCAA and had to use them twice for this kind of thing. One time it was winter too. Why does this always seem to happen in grocery store parking lots? lol

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