Scooby and Jiminy – As Promised

OK, Mom, as promised, here is Jiminy Cricket and Scooby Doo, just as you wanted them. My collapsible light reflector disk arrived today in the mail from Hong Kong, so I decided to take it out for some test shots using my speed light and softbox which I had also purchased from Evil-Bay last month. I see I need a lot of work yet to get the light balanced out with my camera.  The shots are still not what I wanted, so some more experimenting is in order as I try and get the key lighting and reflected light levels sorted out.

Mom had asked me to post these two stuffed dolls up on the blog because I think these are her favorites. She was the one who gave them to me so many years ago. I keep them in good condition, they get a vacuum at least once a month and they hardly move from their spot in the living room up on the couch.

I used my newly acquired 80cm light reflector, my Sony HVL-F58Am speedlight, and a portable 80cm softbox for my key light. I used a 30mm Macro lens, shooting in manual mode (ISO100, F11, 1/250 shutter speed), with the flash set to TTL mode, wirelessly. I tried several different shutter speeds, and adjusted the flash, but this shot seems to be the best out of today’s lot.

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