Nothing Worse Than Being Cranky

I am a little grumpy. OK, I am a lot grumpy, but I am happy, doing alright at the same time kind of mood, all rolled up into an all-in-one package kind of deal. The last week was one of those periods of time when I can honestly say that I shrugged it off, like water down a duck’s back, and just moved on. So much had happened, but with contingency plans in place, and back up reserves saved up, the whole experience just came, and then went, like a bad dream.

First the Pathfinder, the start of the whole adventure, when it left me high and dry on a trip to the grocery store last Sunday. I spent three days bumming rides; having to take public transit, doing a lot of walking, all of this taking time from work, sleep and commitments in my daily life. The reliance on having this mode of transportation is incredible. The time savings is probably the biggest benefit with the automobile. Now having dealt with the alternatives, saving time is such a big deal as the public transportation is nothing close to convenient—I do not want my Pathfinder to break down like this again.

Fixing the Pathfinder was something that was totally unexpected. I originally wanted it in to go in for the regular scheduled tune-up—oddly this breakdown was Two days ahead of that appointment. It was going into the shop anyways, so my mechanic was ready for it, just not so soon. But having the starter malfunction was a bit over the top so close to a tune-up. It was a huge wiring problem that started a chain reaction that led to the starter not properly stopping once the engine started to turn over. Catching the problem when I did save me a whole pile of costs that otherwise would have added up into the thousands of dollars. I was also fortunate to have a vast stockpile of parts to use for days like this—a huge boon for those who operate older vehicles like me.

Then there was the flu. Yes, flu season is upon us, and I fell victim to it as it knocked me on my butt last week. I am lucky as the flu left as fast as it came. I still fear a future outbreak – I do not want the flu back!

The busy season for work is also upon us. My work is getting busier, and with it is the call to work more overtime. The question is do I benefit from the extra time, equalling more money per pay cheque, or does the “MAN” as in, those punitive burdens my country places on me when the deductions come off?

The answer is it seems that I do not. As I work harder, doing longer hours, I get thrust into a higher tax bracket, and thus I pay more per annum. When the busy season ends, and my regular time is tallied, I seem to fall back into getting little of that extra money back during the tax audit time. Last year I found that I paid Eight percent more than I should have based on my annual net income. The government said that it is taking the money because the increments between tax brackets are wider/larger – so the lower middle class are paying more. It was done by design. This is comparing it to my 2010 taxes. Thank you Harper Government, and the British Columbian Liberals – you do not have my vote in the next election.

Evil Bay – I love you, and I hate you, all at the same time. There are some awesome sellers. I have so much respect for the nice, honest, respectful sellers because they make the EBay experience a wonderful one. But those awful sellers, the ones who lie on the shipping times, or embellish the item’s description or quality of their product, I hope you really read into the negative points and criticism I gave you guys.  So there!

Well, anyway that is all for now. I am feeling better, and my Pathfinder is working, I have no flu! I was lucky that I saved for those little emergencies that pop up from time to time, and I was able to fight off the flu bug. Having that reserve of money is the best lifesaver that anyone can have, and if I spend it, it is spent; I do not have a debt hanging over my head afterwards had I borrowed it from a money lender. So best of all, everything is back to normal.

One Thought on “Nothing Worse Than Being Cranky

  1. That’s so great that you got through all that the best you could. Yes, saving is smart! Thanks for the interesting post.

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