Let There Be Light – In the Studio

Right now it is just raining like there is no tomorrow. I live on the West Coast of British Columbia, or as I like to call it, the Wet Coast. It is Halloween, and I dare say that there are not to many Trick or Treaters venturing outside right now. This year, it is an indoor event, both for Halloween, and studio work.

The studio lighting is wonderful. Already I am finding that I have way too much light for the small room that I have for shooting. The following two images were just taken with Two 300ws strobes, each set at their lowest power, using umbrellas to soften the light. Because I do not have my remote trigger Hot-Shoe adapter, I have to run the strobes as slaves, using the flash off of my camera to trigger them. This is why I cannot totally control the light the way I wanted too.

The strobes are wonderful. They have modeling lights in them so I can get an idea of how the light is going to look on the subject, and I can adjust the power setting on the strobe themselves. I have Two umbrellas and Two additional soft-boxes, plus a barn-door with colour gels and a honeycomb filter to control the light (like a spotlight). Super awesome having this gear!

I am happy now. I have indoor stuff to do now with the lights and my camera. Let it rain! Bring it on!

ADDED: Later that night….

I was going through all of the test shots I took with my brand new studio strobe lights, and I played around with this image using lightable (Linux). It was so over exposed that it looked neat as I tried to bring back the colour to it. I guess you can never have enough light in photography!

This gives me some ideas for some future experiments I want to do with these lights. I could really do some awesome special effects… I see some water shots coming up, shooting drops as they stop in time – high speed photography.


2 Thoughts on “Let There Be Light – In the Studio

  1. Awww, those cute teddy bears get to me every time. 😀

  2. Yeah, they are cute. They make great models.

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