The Fish a Maple Leaf and a Bunch of Apples

A bit of humour in my studio photography experimenting today. A fish, a Maple Leaf, and a Bunch of Apples are my subjects for today. I am only using two strobes, with soft-boxes attached to them, and my camera in manual flash mode. I have a lot of gear now to think about while taking shots now, so much fun.

Sadly I am still waiting for my hot-shoe adapters to get here. I ordered them on EvilBay, and they are coming from a company located in Hong Kong. I fear the worse, as these items could be lost forever. I am in communication with the seller. Fingers crossed! I need these hot-shoes so that I can use my R.F. trigger for the strobes. Once I have them, then I will have complete control of the light with my camera. Until then, it is tweak a little here, tweak a little there.

I am getting some good test shots with my current set-up, though seeing what I can do up until now is just so awesome while imagining what I can do once I am fully set up. So far, so go, and I am happy with what I am seeing. And I still have not used the colour gels and honeycomb filters.

The Fish, I got from Canada Post in Fort Langley. The Maple Leaf, was the same one I was using yesterday. The apples, well, they were yummy!

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